Throughout the years, I have been collecting my poems from different situations and most of them are coming from a heartbreak— broken friendships, grief/loss, broken promises, self-reflections and of course, from break-ups. Most of them are based on personal experiences and some are inspired by other people’s stories.

Simplicity is my key to composing them making them more relatable and easy to digest. But even with its simplicity, I express them mostly with intensity, bringing you readers to a deeper level and making you feel you’re not the only one who ever felt them.

Although I know it sounds so depressing and it only looks like a pile of negativity put together but I just really think, sometimes it helps that we can find someone to relate to and talk about it. A lot of people hide away their feelings because—

1. It is too personal, no one can really feel “how” we feel, but at least we can find someone to relate it with, to empathize with us, and understand “what” and “why” we feel these bottled emotions.

2. Afraid to be judged or laughed at, we rely on our friends and family about our matters but it’s not always that we are taken seriously when we share a problem because for them, it could be just a little thing that eventually we’ll get over it. Yes, of course we’re going to get over it! But when we are in the moment, we feel a little less alone and lonely when someone hears us and empathizes with us.

3. We, ourselves would like NOT to talk about it, it does help most often to forget what pains us but sometimes, especially when we think it’s already too much to keep it ourselves, we like to deal with it,m and face it.

“Respect your heart when in pain”, -is acknowledging that something is bothering us, that we don’t always have to push ourselves hard in neglecting them, because in my own beliefs, feeling it and enduring it helps us to accept it. That when the heart is not okay, it needs to bleed naturally (hypothetically), respect that it is hurting so it needs time to break. “But don’t let it eat you up to the extent that you’re gonna lose yourself”, let it break into pieces but pick them up by still taking care of the self, do the things that make us happy, we might not be entirely happy yet, but at least we didn’t give in and drown entirely in sorrow. It’s not just a one-day thing to do, we gotta do it until it leaves naturally from our system, because a day will come that it won’t be knocking on our hearts anymore, we’ll be surprised we’ve overcome it without noticing it. “Eventually, you will learn to let them go. Endure and release”.

I’m not an expert on anything, But I guess this is how I really want it to be, how my blog should be. Just writing what I really think and voicing out what I would say if a friend would ask me some insightful words.

It would be a thrill to share my poems with you, and that you will appreciate the art of converting deep thoughts and feelings into a piece. Poetry is not much appreciated these days but I’m still hoping people who already have interests and people who didn’t know had interests in this type of literary art will find their way here. 🤞 🤞

I hope you will find them interesting! Enjoy reading. ☺️

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