{4} How you Mean to Me

This poem was actually inspired from a song, “Only One” by Yellowcard. I got so into deep while listening to the song that I had to make a poem out of it. I know a lot of the readers who are my age will also feel nostalgic if they play the song because this was famous back then.

Only One- Yellowcard

My aim here was to give a comparison between him and matter. I elaborated how I felt during those sad times but at the same time, I wished I never had them. I used to be proud of this piece but I still gave it a little trim today to bring more effect to it. I hope you will like it too.

How you Mean to Me

You are my mellow song
That makes me cry and sing in dawn,
Makes my whole world down
And when I hear you, I can’t stop wearing a frown.
You are my sad story at night
That can’t make me sleep so tight,
Makes my eyes shed tears,
Reminds me of the climax that made me build fear.
You are my heartbreaking poetry,
That makes me wear lonely eyes as I read it.
Puts little teardrops of on my sheets
And rhyming words seem to go on with my heartbeat.
You are my theatrical movie,
The dramatic part in my T.V.
Seeing the saddest scene
That makes me walk out of my seat.
You are my gloomy sky,
When I look up, I can only ask why.
The pain inflicts again, everywhere I go, I am reminded,
Memories linger, certainly for me they aren’t dead.
You are my undying flame,
You burn me inside, you are the fire I can't seem to tame.
Waiting for feelings to burn out ‘cause I can’t seem to put it out.
Can't deny that you are my only one and that's what my heart shouts.

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