{3} Beside the River

I find this poem a little bit lousy and cheesy but I still want to share it with you my dear readers. It is actually how I would describe the feeling of “puppy love”. At this stage, everything is so ecstatic, everything matters about the person even the little things, like what perfume he/she wears, the color of his/her eyes or hair, his/her favorite color, etc. It’s funny when we’re in this stage, we remember every detail. But now that we have learned better, we just look back and laugh about it. Admit it, if you look back now, you might also wear a grin on your face and maybe blush a little from remembering how naive you were. You might also realize how different you are from your past self, especially your mindset.

Although it felt like puppy love, I still can’t deny that it was also my first love. People say they are both different, but in my case, I felt both at the same time because if it was just puppy love, then I could have gotten over it in a short period but instead, it took me two years to get over him. I don’t know guys, I’m not an expert, I’m just basing it on how I perceived it.

If ever you are in this stage right now, don’t give much of yourself. It may feel like nothing else matters but eventually, you will outgrow it. If ever it’s not going to work, don’t worry yourself too much, you still have a lot of growing up to do. It’s unnecessary to rush this kind of thing at your time. Prioritize building yourself, like growing your circle of friends, this will help you find a good peer and build a good foundation of trust. Excelling in school to make your family proud, this will help you strive for bigger dreams and importantly, build self-esteem. Also, Exploring arts and sports to see what fits for you, this will help you learn what you are passionate about, and once you already know, you will have the drive to enhance your skills and talents. Overall, enjoy your youth!

You might find me a hypocrite to even say these, but this is one of the reasons why this blog exists. My wisdom comes from my mistakes and experiences and I’m willing to let myself out here as an open book.

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