[2] Love as a drug (Love is the Medicine for Broken Hearts)

The idea here is comparing love to a drug, too much of it is not good for us. Saying, to love is to love moderately, because to give less and to give more are already extremes. Aristotle (one of the famous philosophers) stated in one of his greatest works “The Golden Mean”, that we should live life in moderation or get the balance between the extremes, but of course there are technicalities/considerations. The two extremes “too much” and “too little”, he said as how I understood him, that what is ideal is to achieve the level that lies between the two extremes which is “moderation” and being moderate or being in the middle is the “mean” to achieve a virtuous/righteous life. Applying this concept to what we’re tackling now, it relates also when we love, we have a problem when we love too much or when we love too less.

See link: Aristotle’s “The Golden Mean: ”https://www.pagecentertraining.psu.edu/public-relations-ethics/ethical-decision-making/yet-another-test-page/ethical-orientations-the-golden-mean/

I even find myself a hypocrite supporting Aristotle’s concept but personally, I like the idea of having the discipline to balance innate feelings. Ideally, we know whenever we are in a relationship, we remind ourselves that as much as possible we should leave some love for ourselves and not give it all.

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