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Love is the Medicine for Broken Hearts


Love is the medicine to ease the pain
That is trapped inside our hearts, love can make it fade.
For every wound, love is what to feel,
For all the broken-hearted, love is what needed to be healed.
Love can fix a broken heart,
It can make you strong to build another good start.
Can put all back the pieces of your heart that were crushed
And can make deep sorrows just turn into trash.
But sometimes, the love that you’re keeping
Will just slip away and might think of leaving.
Love is a tricky thing
That makes you happy at first and will just hurt you at the end of everything.
Some love just end and fade away,
That makes your wonderful life turn grey,
That ruins every brand new day
And you even find it so hard to make it stay.
Too much love can make you sick,
Have you lying down in misery and getting up can make you so weak.
That’s why people often end up being broken again,
Because of it which is usually taken to mend.
Love may cure every scar
Of every broken and frustrated heart.
Just don’t use it too much, you might realize and neglect
That love also got its side effects.

To be honest, I thought at that time when I composed that poem, finding someone to replace an ex-boyfriend that I still had feelings for would divert my attention and feelings to the new one, but I was wrong. I did develop feelings towards the new one but it only failed. In effect, it made me feel even worse. This approach —finding an abrupt replacement might have worked on others but it didn’t for me. I thought to love someone new would cure my brokenness but now, in the present, I have realized that in times of that kind of situation, where we feel like we gotta have someone new to divert our thoughts, we only have to love ourselves more. As a matter of fact, it’s the best time to appreciate ourselves because even though we are fragile inside, we still get to manage with our daily routines and survive each sleepless night.


Desperate to move on from my first love, I tried to find a new one to replace him and I know a lot of people tried to do this too, some may have succeeded but some only got disappointed like me. So eventually, I had to end it with the new one because I didn’t want to be unfair. It wasn’t right at all, to be with someone and have someone else in my mind. So After, I just decided to let my heart bleed for the same person whom I wanted to quit on loving. So within the two years of moving on, I wrote poems about my thoughts about him and got creative on them. Soon you will be able to read them.

Love is like a medicine but take it moderately for it also has its side effects. —Brae

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