Receive Me and Help Me Unlove

How can one heal when one still loves?
I love but it’s no longer enough,
Not enough to make you and me happy.
In fact, love makes it harder.
I miss you, and it crawls in the back of my mind,
I hate it every time I miss you, I don’t want to be alone but I can’t take the distance anymore.
I don’t want to love from afar anymore.

I don’t want to miss you cause it’s killing me each day,
I want to forget and wish someday when I see your face, my heart won’t sting anymore.
I want to push you, have your memories piled at the deepest part of my mind,
Where I can’t easily remember you
But it is so difficult since my heart surely remembers you, the details about you.
It remembers even if I don’t think of you,
It aches alone even if I don’t see you.
God, take me out of this misery, let me heal, cause it breaks me as a human,
Take me out from this hellish state,
Let me unlove, let me not to care.
Let me let go of this human being that I can’t even perceive.
I cannot handle it anymore, and crying doesn’t even help.
How can loving someone have a cruel impact on me?
It’s so cruel that it shuts down my world.
I don’t want to love anymore, oh please God!
Begging for you to take away my love.
If I can’t be happy then I’d rather feel nothing at all,
I’d rather have that than feel this pain that keeps crawling back.

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