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It just drains us to conceal our deep thoughts and have no one to share it with and youknowitwrite? Well, this one’s for you!

Here are poems and quotes you can relate to and ponder from. I make poems to let out my deep emotions from any form of heartbreak and hopefully, you will find yourself that you are understood and that you will no longer have to feel alone with that pain in your heart anymore.

This quotation below is my message to all. If you feel like you can’t understand the state you are in, lean on this one because in all kinds of heartbreaks, this is applicable. There’s always a saying, “it’s okay not to be okay”, so don’t beat yourself up.

“Respect your heart in pain but don’t let it eat you up to the extent that you will lose yourself. Eventually, you will learn to let them go, endure and release.” —Brae