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  • Introduction

    Throughout the years, I have been collecting my poems from different situations and most of them are coming from a heartbreak— broken friendships, grief/loss, broken promises, self-reflections and of course, from break-ups. Most of them are based on personal experiences and some are inspired by other people’s stories.

    Simplicity is my key to composing them making them more relatable and easy to digest. But even with its simplicity, I express them mostly with intensity, bringing you readers to a deeper level and making you feel you’re not the only one who ever felt them.

    Although I know it sounds so depressing and it only looks like a pile of negativity put together but I just really think, sometimes it helps that we can find someone to relate to and talk about it. A lot of people hide away their feelings because—

    1. It is too personal, no one can really feel “how” we feel, but at least we can find someone to relate it with, to empathize with us, and understand “what” and “why” we feel these bottled emotions.

    2. Afraid to be judged or laughed at, we rely on our friends and family about our matters but it’s not always that we are taken seriously when we share a problem because for them, it could be just a little thing that eventually we’ll get over it. Yes, of course we’re going to get over it! But when we are in the moment, we feel a little less alone and lonely when someone hears us and empathizes with us.

    3. We, ourselves would like NOT to talk about it, it does help most often to forget what pains us but sometimes, especially when we think it’s already too much to keep it ourselves, we like to deal with it,m and face it.

    “Respect your heart when in pain”, -is acknowledging that something is bothering us, that we don’t always have to push ourselves hard in neglecting them, because in my own beliefs, feeling it and enduring it helps us to accept it. That when the heart is not okay, it needs to bleed naturally (hypothetically), respect that it is hurting so it needs time to break. “But don’t let it eat you up to the extent that you’re gonna lose yourself”, let it break into pieces but pick them up by still taking care of the self, do the things that make us happy, we might not be entirely happy yet, but at least we didn’t give in and drown entirely in sorrow. It’s not just a one-day thing to do, we gotta do it until it leaves naturally from our system, because a day will come that it won’t be knocking on our hearts anymore, we’ll be surprised we’ve overcome it without noticing it. “Eventually, you will learn to let them go. Endure and release”.

    I’m not an expert on anything, But I guess this is how I really want it to be, how my blog should be. Just writing what I really think and voicing out what I would say if a friend would ask me some insightful words.

    It would be a thrill to share my poems with you, and that you will appreciate the art of converting deep thoughts and feelings into a piece. Poetry is not much appreciated these days but I’m still hoping people who already have interests and people who didn’t know had interests in this type of literary art will find their way here. 🤞 🤞

    I hope you will find them interesting! Enjoy reading. ☺️

  • About

    About me

    I am a writer, particularly a poet who has been writing poems behind closed doors for more than a decade now. I am 28 years of age, and I’m finally considering sharing my work in public.

    What got me into this type of literary art is the sense of freedom that it feeds me, in a way that no one can reject me from how I perceive things. I can be wrong about many things but I can’t be wrong about how I feel and in poetry, I can be the person who doesn’t need the validation of others.

    The purpose of this blog is to find readers who can relate, readers who have been hiding away their thoughts and feelings because they’re afraid of being rejected and of being heard but not listened to.

  • Move on

    {1} The ever first poem that I’m releasing, ‘Move on’, is about getting over unrequited love. I have composed this years ago but this is still one of my favorites because I still find it so true, I still believe in what I wrote before, I mean it’s still applicable today even if it is more complex now.

    As we grow up, it does not get any easier and even if we have already been through moving on from person to person, we still don’t get the hang of it. The process of moving on still requires full determination, but still, we never get used to it. Nevertheless, the concept of this first poem still for me is undeniable. I hope you’ll see my point as you go ahead and read it.

    Move on


    Move on, two words with six letters
    Which means getting a new start and finding what’s better.
    Two words, so short to remember,
    Yet it takes long to forget the heart’s history that got shattered.
    Not all, but some expect to find another person to heal what’s wounded,
    Some play around, craving for revenge,
    While others hide their misery and choose to pretend.
    And there are those of us who make ourselves busy and wait for time to mend.
    We may go in different ways,
    Still, no matter what we do, same feeling we all have— pain,
    And even we may go in different approaches,
    Still, we have the same situation,
    Having hard times moving on.
    Who says moving on is easy anyway?
    Well, maybe it is for those who play.
    It is anticipated patiently,
    Releasing each moment timely.
    Everybody wants the feeling of love’s sweetness,
    And everybody hates the feeling of love’s bitterness.
    We’ve been there, so it is safe to tell
    That when we start to love, for sure, we’ll both feel heaven and hell.
    Moving on is more frustrating when we’re still in love.
    But that’s just the best yet toughest thing we could do when we see all’s falling apart.
    We can’t cling to someone who’s not ours anymore.
    Whether we want it or not, we have to let go when both feelings match no longer.
    We can never release our yesterdays
    If we will not try to catch what we have today,
    Because the present is given for us to live,
    Not for going back to the days they decided to leave.

    If you’re now in the state where you feel like everything is so grey and dull, especially that you have to adjust again— you got so used to the habits and routines with that certain person which makes it so hard to let go, just think, we always grow maturely bit by bit, emotionally and mentally. Somehow, someday, you will outgrow that unrequited love, believe in time. Don’t rush the process, as you wait for your heart to heal, you can double the effort of loving and appreciating yourself, it does help. It sounds cliché but it does help make days bearable to live.


    A little bit of history about the poem. This was actually the first “move on” that I had and it was getting over my first love that I managed to do after two years. I was so into this person that now as I look back, I find it ridiculous but I’m glad. Glad in a way that because of him, I have tons of poem about him and now resulted into a blog.

    As much as possible, I try to find the light in every darkness because that’s where I can gain strength in overcoming circumstances. I’m not just talking about moving on here anymore, I’m talking about daily struggles, in every pain there is triumph. Sooner or later, we’ll just laugh about it or be glad it’s over. Time is time, every wound heals.

    “Be present in the given time, not on the days that have already passed by.” —Brae

  • Love as a Drug

    [2] Love as a drug (Love is the Medicine for Broken Hearts)

    The idea here is comparing love to a drug, too much of it is not good for us. Saying, to love is to love moderately, because to give less and to give more are already extremes. Aristotle (one of the famous philosophers) stated in one of his greatest works “The Golden Mean”, that we should live life in moderation or get the balance between the extremes, but of course there are technicalities/considerations. The two extremes “too much” and “too little”, he said as how I understood him, that what is ideal is to achieve the level that lies between the two extremes which is “moderation” and being moderate or being in the middle is the “mean” to achieve a virtuous/righteous life. Applying this concept to what we’re tackling now, it relates also when we love, we have a problem when we love too much or when we love too less.

    See link: Aristotle’s “The Golden Mean: ”

    I even find myself a hypocrite supporting Aristotle’s concept but personally, I like the idea of having the discipline to balance innate feelings. Ideally, we know whenever we are in a relationship, we remind ourselves that as much as possible we should leave some love for ourselves and not give it all.

  • Love is the Medicine for Broken Hearts

    Anyway, here is the second poem. Like, share and Comment what you think. 🧐🤔

    Love is the Medicine for Broken Hearts


    Love is the medicine to ease the pain
    That is trapped inside our hearts, love can make it fade.
    For every wound, love is what to feel,
    For all the broken-hearted, love is what needed to be healed.
    Love can fix a broken heart,
    It can make you strong to build another good start.
    Can put all back the pieces of your heart that were crushed
    And can make deep sorrows just turn into trash.
    But sometimes, the love that you’re keeping
    Will just slip away and might think of leaving.
    Love is a tricky thing
    That makes you happy at first and will just hurt you at the end of everything.
    Some love just end and fade away,
    That makes your wonderful life turn grey,
    That ruins every brand new day
    And you even find it so hard to make it stay.
    Too much love can make you sick,
    Have you lying down in misery and getting up can make you so weak.
    That’s why people often end up being broken again,
    Because of it which is usually taken to mend.
    Love may cure every scar
    Of every broken and frustrated heart.
    Just don’t use it too much, you might realize and neglect
    That love also got its side effects.

    To be honest, I thought at that time when I composed that poem, finding someone to replace an ex-boyfriend that I still had feelings for would divert my attention and feelings to the new one, but I was wrong. I did develop feelings towards the new one but it only failed. In effect, it made me feel even worse. This approach —finding an abrupt replacement might have worked on others but it didn’t for me. I thought to love someone new would cure my brokenness but now, in the present, I have realized that in times of that kind of situation, where we feel like we gotta have someone new to divert our thoughts, we only have to love ourselves more. As a matter of fact, it’s the best time to appreciate ourselves because even though we are fragile inside, we still get to manage with our daily routines and survive each sleepless night.


    Desperate to move on from my first love, I tried to find a new one to replace him and I know a lot of people tried to do this too, some may have succeeded but some only got disappointed like me. So eventually, I had to end it with the new one because I didn’t want to be unfair. It wasn’t right at all, to be with someone and have someone else in my mind. So After, I just decided to let my heart bleed for the same person whom I wanted to quit on loving. So within the two years of moving on, I wrote poems about my thoughts about him and got creative on them. Soon you will be able to read them.

    Love is like a medicine but take it moderately for it also has its side effects. —Brae

  • Intro: Beside the River

    {3} Beside the River

    I find this poem a little bit lousy and cheesy but I still want to share it with you my dear readers. It is actually how I would describe the feeling of “puppy love”. At this stage, everything is so ecstatic, everything matters about the person even the little things, like what perfume he/she wears, the color of his/her eyes or hair, his/her favorite color, etc. It’s funny when we’re in this stage, we remember every detail. But now that we have learned better, we just look back and laugh about it. Admit it, if you look back now, you might also wear a grin on your face and maybe blush a little from remembering how naive you were. You might also realize how different you are from your past self, especially your mindset.

    Although it felt like puppy love, I still can’t deny that it was also my first love. People say they are both different, but in my case, I felt both at the same time because if it was just puppy love, then I could have gotten over it in a short period but instead, it took me two years to get over him. I don’t know guys, I’m not an expert, I’m just basing it on how I perceived it.

    If ever you are in this stage right now, don’t give much of yourself. It may feel like nothing else matters but eventually, you will outgrow it. If ever it’s not going to work, don’t worry yourself too much, you still have a lot of growing up to do. It’s unnecessary to rush this kind of thing at your time. Prioritize building yourself, like growing your circle of friends, this will help you find a good peer and build a good foundation of trust. Excelling in school to make your family proud, this will help you strive for bigger dreams and importantly, build self-esteem. Also, Exploring arts and sports to see what fits for you, this will help you learn what you are passionate about, and once you already know, you will have the drive to enhance your skills and talents. Overall, enjoy your youth!

    You might find me a hypocrite to even say these, but this is one of the reasons why this blog exists. My wisdom comes from my mistakes and experiences and I’m willing to let myself out here as an open book.

  • Beside the River

    So here goes the third poem…

    Beside the River

    I can still remember
    When we were beside the river,
    It happened quite a long time ago,
    Yet it feels like it was yesterday, still fresh in my mind.
    It rained that day
    But still, I wore a smile on my face
    Because I knew I was going to be with you,
    Was full of excitement just to meet up with you.
    The first move you made,
    you set your hand around my waist.
    I knew you wanted to get closer to me
    And so was I, you belonged to me.
    At that time, you laid your head on my lap
    I couldn’t believe I had you in my grasp.
    There were so many fond moments that happened,
    Was even so thrilled to even hold your hand.
    I could never forget your smile
    And we were lost in each other’s eyes.
    I just couldn’t forget when you tickled me,
    You just didn’t often do that to me.
    You amused me, felting all was so right
    But suddenly, it turned into a fight.

    We fought over a little thing
    That I made it big
    And I thought it would be fine
    After I wept and apologized.
    I never thought it would be my last touch,
    My last moment, my last hug.
    We were enjoying our presence but was gone in just a few seconds,
    Now, forgetting you I can’t even do, not in a few weeks, worse, not in a few months.
    Beside the river,
    I had you and you had me as your lover.
    Beside the river,
    You left me there, and now I wish I don’t remember.


    This moment was actually the final break-up with him, there was no proper closure which I think was the reason why I stayed, I was expecting that he would eventually come back to me. Within the two years, I think I was in denial that I was secretly waiting for his return. I wanted to wait but I didn’t want him to know, I also wanted to show him that I didn’t want him anymore.

    Most of the time, expectations just drives us to become foolish. It’s s like daydreaming but on the evening.” —Brae

  • How you Mean to Me

    {4} How you Mean to Me

    This poem was actually inspired from a song, “Only One” by Yellowcard. I got so into deep while listening to the song that I had to make a poem out of it. I know a lot of the readers who are my age will also feel nostalgic if they play the song because this was famous back then.

    Only One- Yellowcard

    My aim here was to give a comparison between him and matter. I elaborated how I felt during those sad times but at the same time, I wished I never had them. I used to be proud of this piece but I still gave it a little trim today to bring more effect to it. I hope you will like it too.

    How you Mean to Me

    You are my mellow song
    That makes me cry and sing in dawn,
    Makes my whole world down
    And when I hear you, I can’t stop wearing a frown.
    You are my sad story at night
    That can’t make me sleep so tight,
    Makes my eyes shed tears,
    Reminds me of the climax that made me build fear.
    You are my heartbreaking poetry,
    That makes me wear lonely eyes as I read it.
    Puts little teardrops of on my sheets
    And rhyming words seem to go on with my heartbeat.
    You are my theatrical movie,
    The dramatic part in my T.V.
    Seeing the saddest scene
    That makes me walk out of my seat.
    You are my gloomy sky,
    When I look up, I can only ask why.
    The pain inflicts again, everywhere I go, I am reminded,
    Memories linger, certainly for me they aren’t dead.
    You are my undying flame,
    You burn me inside, you are the fire I can't seem to tame.
    Waiting for feelings to burn out ‘cause I can’t seem to put it out.
    Can't deny that you are my only one and that's what my heart shouts.

  • More of How you Mean to Me…


    I was battling with myself because I wanted to get out of the situation that I knew was my own doing. I couldn’t accept his goneness. It was not his fault that I couldn’t get over him, I kept rejecting the fact that I couldn’t forget him and enforcing myself to get over right away. It felt unhealthy for my emotional and mental state. I guess, that happens when you do fall in love.

    You will keep running in circles if you deny your pain. You can hide it but eventually, it will burst out waiting for you to deal with it. To accept is to acknowledge your pain. You can’t start the process of acceptance if you keep denying how you feel or hide it under your skin. All along in the circle, you will just end up frustrated.

    Let’s be patient in terms of acceptance, it’s the gateway to release ourselves from circling around a pattern. —Brae

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