Receive Me and Help Me Unlove

How can one heal when one still loves?
I love but it’s no longer enough,
Not enough to make you and me happy.
In fact, love makes it harder.
I miss you, and it crawls in the back of my mind,
I hate it every time I miss you, I don’t want to be alone but I can’t take the distance anymore.
I don’t want to love from afar anymore.

I don’t want to miss you cause it’s killing me each day,
I want to forget and wish someday when I see your face, my heart won’t sting anymore.
I want to push you, have your memories piled at the deepest part of my mind,
Where I can’t easily remember you
But it is so difficult since my heart surely remembers you, the details about you.
It remembers even if I don’t think of you,
It aches alone even if I don’t see you.
God, take me out of this misery, let me heal, cause it breaks me as a human,
Take me out from this hellish state,
Let me unlove, let me not to care.
Let me let go of this human being that I can’t even perceive.
I cannot handle it anymore, and crying doesn’t even help.
How can loving someone have a cruel impact on me?
It’s so cruel that it shuts down my world.
I don’t want to love anymore, oh please God!
Begging for you to take away my love.
If I can’t be happy then I’d rather feel nothing at all,
I’d rather have that than feel this pain that keeps crawling back.

Read this if you are still in love with the person that you are trying to get over now, and if that person has already found someone new.

A Desperate call

By: Brae
It's a little sad to sing a love song in my head,
When there’s a person in my mind who’s stranded.
To sing alone softly while having a reverie.
When all I think that matters is you and me
A little depressing to walk on streets under a pale blue sky
With a heart carrying a heavy rain, waiting to burst and cry.
To turn my head up and hope for the best,
When I know my world turned out to be so soulless.
It bothers me a lot not getting used to the changes.
To live without you and to live with such bitterness.
For crying out loud! I still love you somehow,
Even if things are different right now.
Even if I did give the best effort to give you everything,
And showed you the only best I could bring,
Maybe it was never and will never be enough for you.
No matter how hard I try and no matter what I do.
Life’s so dull not having you around,
‘Cause in your arms, I know I’m safe and sound
But since you’re gone and left me without a trace.
I just hope, a revival will take place.
It’s martyrdom to feel this way,
To still love you even if I feel astray
And still long for you despite the pain.
Even if this circumstance drives me insane.
I can only write down what I feel
And this distressful feeling is hard to reveal
And I know you wouldn’t even care to listen
If I try to speak and hold you then.
I’m still not ready to live my days without you,
I’m still so into you even if we’re through.
You vanished like a faded silver star,
Wish I could pull you back, but you’ve gone too far.
Everything got worse as it went along
Now it hurts more and adoring you feels so wrong.
I’m living solo while you’re breathing on your own,
You found a replacement while I’m still so alone.
I can’t measure how much it hurts to live with this misery,
Feels like it’s all my fault and that I should be sorry
That I should be the one to take all the blame
Being left out for shallow reasons, it’s a total shame.
Tiring it is to hold on to someone who has other options.
To cry all the tears that can’t even reach my satisfaction.
To wake up with weary eyes and a heavy heart
Can’t believe in just a snap we broke apart.
I’ve taken my time and learned to take you for granted,
Just slowly taking my life back without a tear getting wasted
Maybe I’m almost there of getting over you
And being happy on my own is what I should pursue.
I’m halfway to ending this desperate call
For the things that hurt, I don’t want to recall.
Unspoken it is but I’ve written it all
So goodbye for good and I swear, no more tears to fall.

Pardon my absence for the couple of weeks. I hope I still have you looking forward for any updates.

For all the poem lovers who happen to be undergoing a heartbreak right now, or that if you know someone who is, I’ve got this poem for you with 13 stanzas “A Desperate Call”. This goes out to people who are currently in a break-up, also fits for those who are going through divorces. Overall, anyone who’s going through separations from their beloved.

I hope you don’t feel alone, or at least you can say you’re not the only one who’s feeling this heartbreak. Anyone can say that everyone goes through break-ups and you will get over soon but when you’re in the moment, you can’t deny the fact that you feel helpless. WE KNOW it will be over soon but let your heart bleed out, respect its time to heal. Accept that you’re in pain cause that will be the kindest thing you can do to your heart.

You could be having the feeling that it’s the end of the world, it’s okay! But pick yourself up. It’s just now that you feel that way and it’s just the emotions taking a toll on you.

Give it a time, give yourself a time.

Never forget that there’s always an opportunity lining up every time a door closes. So it’s not the end of the world, it’s only the end of one of the chapters in your life. Cliché but true. Believe that you will soon recover like every wound when you get a cut.

You ever had that feeling on your youthful days where you always felt confused about the signals that a certain person was giving you? Mixed signals that you couldn’t seem to figure out or it could be, it was already obvious but you just didn’t want to accept it. When you just allowed yourself to be fooled over and over just so you didn’t wanna lose sight of him/her.

It’s tragic that there’s always a chance to be fooled, although it won’t happen if you don’t let it, it’s just that the love for the person weakens your resistance making you give in.

It is easy to say “leave if you’re not treated right”, it’s the wisest thing to do, but finding the broken line of a cycle for you to get out is always a challenge. You might have already noticed the broken line to exit but it all ends up with you, whether to decide to leave even if it’s obviously there or decide to stay even if it’s already tearing you into pieces.

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If you feel a little bit sad from a heartbreak but can’t seem to let it out, visit my blog to read some of my poems and maybe you might find something there that you can relate to. Ponder from them and hopefully you will feel better or at least feel that you are not alone.

How you Mean to Me

{4} How you Mean to Me

This poem was actually inspired from a song, “Only One” by Yellowcard. I got so into deep while listening to the song that I had to make a poem out of it. I know a lot of the readers who are my age will also feel nostalgic if they play the song because this was famous back then.

Only One- Yellowcard

My aim here was to give a comparison between him and matter. I elaborated how I felt during those sad times but at the same time, I wished I never had them. I used to be proud of this piece but I still gave it a little trim today to bring more effect to it. I hope you will like it too.

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Beside the River

So here goes the third poem…

Beside the River

I can still remember
When we were beside the river,
It happened quite a long time ago,
Yet it feels like it was yesterday, still fresh in my mind.
It rained that day
But still, I wore a smile on my face
Because I knew I was going to be with you,
Was full of excitement just to meet up with you.
The first move you made,
you set your hand around my waist.
I knew you wanted to get closer to me
And so was I, you belonged to me.
At that time, you laid your head on my lap
I couldn’t believe I had you in my grasp.
There were so many fond moments that happened,
Was even so thrilled to even hold your hand.
I could never forget your smile
And we were lost in each other’s eyes.
I just couldn’t forget when you tickled me,
You just didn’t often do that to me.
You amused me, felting all was so right
But suddenly, it turned into a fight.

We fought over a little thing
That I made it big
And I thought it would be fine
After I wept and apologized.
I never thought it would be my last touch,
My last moment, my last hug.
We were enjoying our presence but was gone in just a few seconds,
Now, forgetting you I can’t even do, not in a few weeks, worse, not in a few months.
Beside the river,
I had you and you had me as your lover.
Beside the river,
You left me there, and now I wish I don’t remember.
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Intro: Beside the River

{3} Beside the River

I find this poem a little bit lousy and cheesy but I still want to share it with you my dear readers. It is actually how I would describe the feeling of “puppy love”. At this stage, everything is so ecstatic, everything matters about the person even the little things, like what perfume he/she wears, the color of his/her eyes or hair, his/her favorite color, etc. It’s funny when we’re in this stage, we remember every detail. But now that we have learned better, we just look back and laugh about it. Admit it, if you look back now, you might also wear a grin on your face and maybe blush a little from remembering how naive you were. You might also realize how different you are from your past self, especially your mindset.

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Love is the Medicine for Broken Hearts

Anyway, here is the second poem. Like, share and Comment what you think. 🧐🤔

Love is the Medicine for Broken Hearts


Love is the medicine to ease the pain
That is trapped inside our hearts, love can make it fade.
For every wound, love is what to feel,
For all the broken-hearted, love is what needed to be healed.
Love can fix a broken heart,
It can make you strong to build another good start.
Can put all back the pieces of your heart that were crushed
And can make deep sorrows just turn into trash.
But sometimes, the love that you’re keeping
Will just slip away and might think of leaving.
Love is a tricky thing
That makes you happy at first and will just hurt you at the end of everything.
Some love just end and fade away,
That makes your wonderful life turn grey,
That ruins every brand new day
And you even find it so hard to make it stay.
Too much love can make you sick,
Have you lying down in misery and getting up can make you so weak.
That’s why people often end up being broken again,
Because of it which is usually taken to mend.
Love may cure every scar
Of every broken and frustrated heart.
Just don’t use it too much, you might realize and neglect
That love also got its side effects.

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Love as a Drug

[2] Love as a drug (Love is the Medicine for Broken Hearts)

The idea here is comparing love to a drug, too much of it is not good for us. Saying, to love is to love moderately, because to give less and to give more are already extremes. Aristotle (one of the famous philosophers) stated in one of his greatest works “The Golden Mean”, that we should live life in moderation or get the balance between the extremes, but of course there are technicalities/considerations. The two extremes “too much” and “too little”, he said as how I understood him, that what is ideal is to achieve the level that lies between the two extremes which is “moderation” and being moderate or being in the middle is the “mean” to achieve a virtuous/righteous life. Applying this concept to what we’re tackling now, it relates also when we love, we have a problem when we love too much or when we love too less.

See link: Aristotle’s “The Golden Mean: ”

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Move on

{1} The ever first poem that I’m releasing, ‘Move on’, is about getting over unrequited love. I have composed this years ago but this is still one of my favorites because I still find it so true, I still believe in what I wrote before, I mean it’s still applicable today even if it is more complex now.

As we grow up, it does not get any easier and even if we have already been through moving on from person to person, we still don’t get the hang of it. The process of moving on still requires full determination, but still, we never get used to it. Nevertheless, the concept of this first poem still for me is undeniable. I hope you’ll see my point as you go ahead and read it.

Move on


Move on, two words with six letters
Which means getting a new start and finding what’s better.
Two words, so short to remember,
Yet it takes long to forget the heart’s history that got shattered.
Not all, but some expect to find another person to heal what’s wounded,
Some play around, craving for revenge,
While others hide their misery and choose to pretend.
And there are those of us who make ourselves busy and wait for time to mend.
We may go in different ways,
Still, no matter what we do, same feeling we all have— pain,
And even we may go in different approaches,
Still, we have the same situation,
Having hard times moving on.
Who says moving on is easy anyway?
Well, maybe it is for those who play.
It is anticipated patiently,
Releasing each moment timely.
Everybody wants the feeling of love’s sweetness,
And everybody hates the feeling of love’s bitterness.
We’ve been there, so it is safe to tell
That when we start to love, for sure, we’ll both feel heaven and hell.
Moving on is more frustrating when we’re still in love.
But that’s just the best yet toughest thing we could do when we see all’s falling apart.
We can’t cling to someone who’s not ours anymore.
Whether we want it or not, we have to let go when both feelings match no longer.
We can never release our yesterdays
If we will not try to catch what we have today,
Because the present is given for us to live,
Not for going back to the days they decided to leave.
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