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I was battling with myself because I wanted to get out of the situation that I knew was my own doing. I couldn’t accept his goneness. It was not his fault that I couldn’t get over him, I kept rejecting the fact that I couldn’t forget him and enforcing myself to get over right away. It felt unhealthy for my emotional and mental state. I guess, that happens when you do fall in love.

You will keep running in circles if you deny your pain. You can hide it but eventually, it will burst out waiting for you to deal with it. To accept is to acknowledge your pain. You can’t start the process of acceptance if you keep denying how you feel or hide it under your skin. All along in the circle, you will just end up frustrated.

Let’s be patient in terms of acceptance, it’s the gateway to release ourselves from circling around a pattern. —Brae

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Move on

{1} The ever first poem that I’m releasing, ‘Move on’, is about getting over unrequited love. I have composed this years ago but this is still one of my favorites because I still find it so true, I still believe in what I wrote before, I mean it’s still applicable today even if it is more complex now.

As we grow up, it does not get any easier and even if we have already been through moving on from person to person, we still don’t get the hang of it. The process of moving on still requires full determination, but still, we never get used to it. Nevertheless, the concept of this first poem still for me is undeniable. I hope you’ll see my point as you go ahead and read it.

Move on


Move on, two words with six letters
Which means getting a new start and finding what’s better.
Two words, so short to remember,
Yet it takes long to forget the heart’s history that got shattered.
Not all, but some expect to find another person to heal what’s wounded,
Some play around, craving for revenge,
While others hide their misery and choose to pretend.
And there are those of us who make ourselves busy and wait for time to mend.
We may go in different ways,
Still, no matter what we do, same feeling we all have— pain,
And even we may go in different approaches,
Still, we have the same situation,
Having hard times moving on.
Who says moving on is easy anyway?
Well, maybe it is for those who play.
It is anticipated patiently,
Releasing each moment timely.
Everybody wants the feeling of love’s sweetness,
And everybody hates the feeling of love’s bitterness.
We’ve been there, so it is safe to tell
That when we start to love, for sure, we’ll both feel heaven and hell.
Moving on is more frustrating when we’re still in love.
But that’s just the best yet toughest thing we could do when we see all’s falling apart.
We can’t cling to someone who’s not ours anymore.
Whether we want it or not, we have to let go when both feelings match no longer.
We can never release our yesterdays
If we will not try to catch what we have today,
Because the present is given for us to live,
Not for going back to the days they decided to leave.
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